(1st Verse)
It use to be so easy, when it was all so new
It use to be so easy, oh just loving you
The times we shared when we both cared, meant the world to me
It just wasn’t meant to be

(2nd Verse)
Never really understood, how it all came to be
Just seemed to happen so gradually
We may never find the reasons why, I’m not sure I’ll even try
Lets except reality

How do you say that it’s all over
How do you say, that you don’t care
How do you say, you’ve got nothing left to share
The truth will get you there

(3rd Verse)
Going through the motions, never making any waves
All I’m really trying to do is, make it through the day
Trying to find the place and time to, say what I need to say
I don’t see another way

(4th Verse)
Trapped inside this lonely world, no passion in my life
A heart that’s filled with emptiness is, nothing you can hide
A life with no emotion, can tear you up inside
Got no sense of pride

It’s so hard to break one’s heart, when they’ve done nothing wrong
To break the will of one who was so strong
It’s so hard to justify, when there’s no reason why
Just makes me want to cry

(5th Verse)
Coming clean will surely lead, to a broken heart
It almost seems impossible to, find a place to start
But I’ve got a find a way to say it’s time for to part
A love that’s left us scarred

(End) The truth will get you there