Let's Rock

(1st Verse)

Been waiting all day, to do it all night
Hair of the dog, can you feel the bite
I can smell the grass, but I see the snow
Hold onto your ass, a storms ready to blow
So raise your glass, repeat after me

Lets rock, Lets Roll, Lets Rock, Lets Go

(2nd Verse)
Lets have some drinks, and a shot or two
Then go down to Sally’s, and get a tattoo
After the needle and the ink is done
Lets flip this town, lets have some fun
So raise your glass, repeat after me

Break - (Instrumental)
(3rd Verse)
Let the music help you on your trip
It’ll seem like magic trick
Let the music take you on your ride
Take a walk on the wild side
Feel the rhythm take control
We’re parting now, lets rock and roll
So Raise your glass, repeat after me