Find Your Way

(1st Verse)
In your life you know, there’s sin and there’s pain
Temptation ooh it always tries to win
Were you a victim, that made you go astray
You made a choice, you lost, you lost your way

Find your way, Find your way, back where you belong
Find your way, Find your way, Before you move on

(2nd Verse)
Scars remind us, we all fall down
Look up pray for help and carry on
To mend your heart you’ve got to save your soul
Feed the spirit and your faith will grow


Ooh Ooh Don’t want to lose your way
Ooh Ooh yeah, or they’ll be hell to pay
Ooh got to leave, Got to leave the past behind
Free yourself, Find that peace of mind


Ooh free yourself, going to leave it all behind
Yeah Find your way, Find your peace of mind
Find your way