Family, Faith & Freedom

(1st Verse)
I pledge allegiance to the flag – and my love for mom and dad
For all the friends I’ve ever had – For situations good and bad

I live my life - for family, faith and freedom

(2nd Verse)
I have faith and I believe – That god will always meet our needs
And do the best for those we love – That’s his message from above


I put my hopes and faith and trust into the ones who’ll never let me down
My freedom let’s me make the choice as to the one’s I’d like to have around

(3rd Verse)
I’m not afraid to leave this earth – And have the good lord judge my worth
I know I’ve done my very best – To help me pass my final test
I try to live my life the way the good book tells me to
It makes the world a better place to live for me and you