Our History

Marty Moynihan

Writer / Producer / Engineer / Drums / Guitar / Keyboards / Lead&Backup Vocals

The world of music began for me back in the 1960's in Buffalo N.Y. When I first heard the Beatles that was it! I was hooked! I was eleven years old, when a friend of my fathers gave me a snare drum for a birthday present. Little did I know this would lead me on my journey into the land of music. When I was thirteen my parents bought my older brother a drumset to start a band. It wasn't long, before my brother gave me the drum set. Living next door to us was Mike Anderson. He was considered one of the best drummers in Western New York. Mike would stop by the house and show me tips and tricks on drumming. Three years later I was playing in a band with some older guys in a small part of the city circuit. The bass player was a cop so he took care of me being under age. When I was around eighteen I moved to Syracuse N.Y. and started to investigate the music scene. I had the pleasure to meet and play with a lot of top musicians from the Central New York area. During the course of the next 35 years I played all over New York State and parts of the East Coast. Playing anything from Classic Rock, Southern Rock, Top 40, Dance, Oldies, even Classics. From high schools to bars, clubs, resorts, theaters, auditoriums and opening for a couple national acts. I have also written and produced commercial music for cable television and local network shows.

Through the years I had a driving desire to write and record my own music. In the early 1990's I met my writing partner Mike Bullock while working the Central New York circuit. Mike and I talked about getting into a studio and collaborating. Having the same interests and passion we decided to pair up as a writing duo. In the songs we have written and produced you will hear influences from artists like Pink Floyd, Bad Company, Eddie Money, Styx, Boston, Supertramp and Eagles. Our hope is that you enjoy the music as much as we did creating it! The ultimate goal was to create a CD of all the musical influences and people that have touched my life in this business and incorporate that into my music.

This is what I do and who I am, and there are so many people to thank for it. I thank God for blessing me with a talent and a family that has always supported me. To my mother and father, I could never thank you enough for all your love and support. To my brother Mike, my biggest critic, but my biggest fan. Thanks for your support and working with me through out the years.We've had some memorable times! To my daughter Mallory, you make me proud for just being you! I love ya! If for nothing else this CD is a part of me passed down to you. To Debbie, for always being there, you never doubted me and keep me sane, I love ya! To all my friends who believed in me, all of you are special and priceless! To Steve Galbo what can I say that I haven't already said to a life long friend? Thanks for your support and friendship, love ya! To Dave Roseboom, you have been an awesome friend! None of this would have been possible without your patience and help! Thanks Bro for pushing me over the edge with the studio! To Scott Messinger, you always had my back, your a true friend, thanks for all your support and serving our country! To Dave Oot for all your support through my years in Central New York. Thanks for your contributions to the studio! To Bobby D who tried to kill me with a fist and then with Buffalo killer wings! Been friends ever since, thanks for your support through the years! Special thanks to the Harley Boys of Syracuse N.Y. for the use of their bikes on the song Live 2 Ride.That song is for you guys! To my writing partner Mike Bullock, AKA Big B, we have worked a lot of long hours and nights to get here! So many recording sessions of tea and candy bars to keep us going! Thanks for working with me and making an idea become reality!We did it! If I neglected to mention anyone it wasn't intentional.

Those that know me I consider my friends! You all know who you are and what you mean to me, this CD is for you!!!!!!

Mike Bullock

Writer / Producer / Lead-Rhythm-Acoustic Guitar / Keyboards / Bass Guitar

I have to say that the production of this CD ranks near the top in regards to the list of accomplishments I have achieved during my long musical career. Writing and producing one's own music is something many talk about doing, but few actually do. I could not have done it without “Ma Main Man,” Marty Moynihan. Without his patience, perseverance, and expertise, this project would never have gotten off the ground. It has been a true collaboration. I am glad I could finally get this music out of my head and down on a disc. While some people may hear constant voices in their head, Marty and I hear constant melodies, beats, and power chords. It is enough to drive us Out Of R Mind!

Most of my influences come from the Classic rock groups of the 70's and 80's, and I think my style, as well as Marty's, reflects the many years we have spent playing what we consider to be the best rock music of all time. You may hear a little Journey, Boston, Zeppelin, ZZ Top, Eagles, and other Classic groups in our writings. Others may hear something different, and that's OK. We think we have developed our own style with a signature sound that may become apparent after hearing our songs. Over the years, I have played Oldies, Rock, Nightclub, Metal, and Country. But I think my style always seems to gravitate back to Rock.

A big thanks to all of the guys I have played with during my many years in the business. Growing up in Eastwood, and being a part of the Syracuse music scene has enabled me to play with and learn from so many different accomplished players. To Frank Rhodes: Thanks for having the patience to teach me how to play. Also, to my lifelong friend, Rance Walters, for helping me to craft my style. Thanks to Bruce Swiader, for being such a good friend and band mate. We had a ball! And a special thanks to Matt Chase, for allowing me to be the wingman during the last decade for the best Country vocalist in New York State.

I have been very fortunate to be able to continue performing at a high level for such a long period of time. You all have made it possible! I have to also thank all my friends and everyone in my family who has had to put up with me being conspicuously absent from a lot of events because I was off doing what I most like to do, which is making music.

It's been great being able to work with a compatible writing partner in Marty, to the point that we want to keep a good thing going. Thank god for caffeine and chocolate! Look out for another project in the very near future. The learning curve never ends. The enjoyment never stops. The journey continues.